Relax during sleep and obstruct airflow through the nose and throat restless legs syndrome, a condition that causes discomfort when sitting or lying down, which can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep depression how to promote a good night's sleep sleep disturbances can take a toll on both you and your loved one. To promote better sleep: think light. Viagra viagra or viagra which is best Exposing your loved one to a few hours of bright sunlight in the morning may improve his or her sleep at night. safe take viagra while blood pressure medication Light therapy with a specialized light box might be helpful, too. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine in soda, tea, coffee or other products might contribute to sleeplessness, and alcohol can contribute to confusion and anxiety. Generic viagra overnight delivery If your loved one insists on having a drink, offer a soft drink in a familiar cocktail glass or serve nonalcoholic beer or wine. buy cheap viagra Manage medications. generic viagra online Find out what time of day your loved one should take his or her medications — morning for drugs that have a stimulating effect, and evening for drugs that make your loved one sleepy. combine viagra and viagra Note that sleeping pills are generally discouraged for people who have alzheimer's. viagra for sale These drugs can increase confusion and the risk of falls. viagra dosage much Encourage physical activity. Plan your loved one's days to include walks and other physical activities, which can help promote better sleep at night. viagra without a doctor prescription Taper your loved one's activities as the day winds down, however. Physical activity close to bedtime might leave your loved one too energized to fall asleep. viagra online Limit daytime sleep. which is more effective viagra or viagra If your loved one needs a nap, make sure it's short and not too late in the day. which is more effective viagra or viagra Have your loved one nap on the couch or in a recliner rather than in bed. viagra generic4u If you think staying in bed too long in the morning contributes to nighttime wakefulness, wake your loved one earlier. Establish a bedtime routine. generic viagra doesn't work Do the same things in the same way every night, such as brushing teeth, using the toilet, listening to soft music and rubbing your loved one's back. Can you get viagra over the counter in the uk If bathing or dressing for bed is difficult, do it earlier in the day. viagra online It's also important to create an appealing place for sleeping. generic viagra online Make sure the temperature in your loved one's bedroom is comfortable. cheap viagra Turn on a night light. viagra drug interactions flomax Place security objects, such as a favorite blanket, within easy reach. buy viagra Treat underlying conditions. If you suspect that an underlying condition — such as sleep apnea, depression or pain — is interfering with your loved one's sleep, consult his or her doctor. Treatment might lead to more restful sleep for everyone. Next page(1 of 2) see also hand scheduled section focus alzheimer's: dealing with family conflict alzheimer's: smoothing the transition on moving day alzheimer's: understand and control wandering alzheimer's: how to help a caregiver alzheimer's: helping children understand the disease alzheimer's: dealing with daily challenges alzheimer's: making mealtimes easier alzheimer's and memories: use mementos as cues sharing alzheimer's diagnosis: tips for caregivers home safety tips.
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