Browser does not support script. cheap generic viagra Viagra price pakistan Living with cancer? best time day take daily dose viagra viagra for sale We are here to help skip to main content search here | home about us cancer information how we can help online community get involved fundraising home > cancer information > cancer types > bone, secondary > symptoms & diagnosis > symptoms of secondary bone cancer secondary bone cancer about secondary bone cancer symptoms & diagnosis symptoms diagnosis treating secondary bone cancer living with secondary bone cancer further resources find out how we produce our information | symptoms of secondary bone cancer the symptoms of secondary cancer in the bone may include the following: on this page bone pain weakened bones raised calcium level pressure on the spinal cord other symptoms bone pain back to top the most common symptom of secondary cancer in the bone is pain | in the affected area. viagra directions of use maximum dosage of viagra per day The pain may be a dull, persistent ache that often gets worse at night when the muscles are relaxed. viagra for sale There may also be swelling and tenderness in the area. cheap viagra If you experience this type of pain and it lasts for more than 1-2 weeks, let your doctor know as soon as possible. Viagra 12 x 100 mg Although bone secondaries can occur in several different bones at the same time, usually only one or two areas are painful. lloyds pharmacy uk viagra Weakened bones back to top sometimes if a bone is weakened by cancer it will break (fracture), even if you haven’t had an accident or fall. buy viagra online australia fast delivery This is known as a pathological fracture. buy cheapest viagra online uk Raised calcium level back to top when bones are affected by secondary cancer cells, increased amounts of calcium (the substance that helps to build bones) may be released into the blood. viagra for sale A raised level of calcium in the blood is called hypercalcaemia. It can cause symptoms such as tiredness |, feeling sick (nausea) |, constipation |, thirst and confusion. viagra directions of use However, in many people hypercalcaemia is discovered with a blood test before any symptoms develop. buy generic viagra    pressure on the spinal cord back to top if secondary bone cancer affects the bones of the spine it can put pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. Free samples of viagra This is called spinal cord compression | and may cause symptoms such as pain, muscle weaknes. viagra directions of use buy cheap viagra
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